Handbagage reistas voor in het Vliegtuig
Airplane hand luggage travel bag

City Hopper Travel Bag the travel bag for the plane

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Cabin Baggage Travel Bag

  • Suitable for cabin baggage (50 x 35 x 15 / 25 cm)
  • Water-resistant material
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches
  • Expandable space from 26L to 48L
  • Trolley attachment strap
  • Designed like a suitcase
  • Hidden and Adjustable carrying straps
  • Compartment for water bottle

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De reistas ontwikkeld voor City Trips en Vliegtuig Handbagage

Ontdek de revolutionaire City Hopper reistas, speciaal ontworpen voor vliegtuigreizigers met een focus op comfort en city trips.

Need more space?

You can easily adjust this travel bag to your needs, allowing you to pack maximally for the airplane. And when using other transportation, you can expand it to up to 48 liters.

Compartment for Dirty laundry

This travel bag features a specially sealed compartment for dirty laundry, keeping clean items separated in the mesh compartment.

The best of both worlds

Thanks to the layout similar to that of a suitcase, travelers can take all their belongings in an organized manner. If you need to walk a bit, you can easily pull out the hidden straps and adjust them as needed.

Easy to carry

This travel bag is easy to carry with one of the two handles, ideal for use in public transportation or on the airplane, as there are no loose straps that can get caught on something. For longer distances, you can easily pull out the carrying straps.

CityHopper Travelbag for airplane
Equipped with all conveniences

If you want to place this travel bag on a trolley, you can do so easily with the help of the strap. The carrying straps are adjustable and held securely in place by adjustable bands. Additionally, there is a small compartment for storing small change, transportation cards, or credit cards.

Packing systematically

With a layout similar to that of a suitcase, travelers can pack all their belongings systematically and organized. And if you need extra space, you can easily expand this bag to 48 liters.

Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches

The laptop fits securely and comfortably in its dedicated compartment, equipped with extra protection. Never lose your keys again, thanks to the convenient key holder clip.

Quick-access compartments

No more hassle with searching. With this travel bag, you have everything within reach. Keep your favorite reading material and documents always at your fingertips.

All the benefits of the travel bag specially designed for airplane carry-on:

  1. Quick-access compartments: No more hassle with searching. With this travel bag, you have everything within reach.
  2. Durable zippers: Sturdy zippers that withstand all your adventures.
  3. Magazine and document compartment: Keep your favorite reading material and documents always within reach.
  4. Convenient handles: Easy to carry, wherever you are.
  5. Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches: Your laptop fits securely and extra protected in its own compartment.
  6. Key holder: Never lose your keys again, thanks to the handy key holder clip.
  7. Water bottle holder compartment: Stay hydrated on the go with a discreet water bottle holder.
  8. High-quality shoulder straps: Carry comfortably, even on longer walks.
  9. Fully customizable: Adjust the bag to your needs with our versatile storage options.
  10. Card holder/money pocket: Keep your cards and money safe and organized.
  11. Stylish design: A sleek and contemporary design that makes an impression anywhere.
  12. Expandable space: More storage space when you need it, less when you don't.
  13. Water-resistant material: Brave the elements and the first raindrops.
  14. Waterproof zipper: Gives the bag a sleek look and withstands the first raindrops.
  15. Adjustable for ultimate comfort: Customize the bag for ultimate comfort, regardless of your body type.
  16. Trolley attachment strap: Easily attach your bag to your trolley for seamless travel.
  17. Designed like a suitcase: Our bag combines the best features of a suitcase with the convenience of a backpack.

City Hopper Travel Bag, for all your journeys.

Discover the revolutionary City Hopper travel bag, specially designed for airplane travelers with a focus on comfort and urban adventures. Developed by, this bag promises to add a new dimension to the way we travel in cities. With the well-being of city dwellers as a focal point and a thoughtful approach to air travel, the City Hopper travel bag enables travelers to navigate the city in an organized and effortless manner.

A notable feature of the City Hopper travel bag is what's missing: wheels. This thoughtful design protects against potential inconvenience on bumpy streets and instead provides a smart carrying solution that allows travelers to move effortlessly through the city without disturbing others.

Packing the City Hopper travel bag is already a pleasant experience in itself. With a layout similar to that of a suitcase, travelers can take all their belongings in an organized and systematic manner, making their journey smoother and allowing them to fully enjoy urban adventures.

92ND.SUPPLY emphasizes sustainability and quality and consciously avoids adding unnecessary technology that may become outdated and break. The City Hopper travel bag is designed to last, allowing travelers to enjoy it for years. Additionally, space is created in one of the front pockets of the bag where travelers can place their own battery to charge their phone during their city adventures.

The City Hopper travel bag from offers airplane travelers a comfortable, smart, and sustainable travel experience in cities. The thoughtful design, smart carrying solution, and spacious layout make this bag the ideal companion for modern urban adventurers. Discover a new way of traveling with the City Hopper and make your city adventures unforgettable.