A Ceramic / Clay apron with split

Keramiek Schort met split

What is a Handy Ceramic/Clay Apron?

If you're wondering what to wear behind the wheel or where to buy a ceramic or pottery apron, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key features of a ceramic apron and where to get one.

A ceramic apron, also known as a potter's apron, is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in creating beautiful ceramic artworks. It serves as protection for your clothing against clay stains.

Key Features of a Ceramic Apron:

  1. Material and Dimensions: A high-quality ceramic apron should be made of durable material and easy to wash. An excellent choice is 12 oz canvas, made of 100% cotton. This material provides both strength and comfort, essential for a long lifespan.
  1. Adjustable Straps and Split Legs: A quality ceramic apron should have adjustable straps, allowing you to customize it to your body shape for optimal comfort. Additionally, an apron with split leg coverage is ideal for more freedom of movement, allowing you to place the wheel comfortably between your legs.
  1. Tool Pockets: The pockets in your apron serve as a convenient storage space for tools and your phone, keeping them within reach while you work.

Where Can You Buy a Ceramic Apron?

Discover our ceramic/clay aprons in three beautiful colors: Denim, Green, and Blue. Made of 100% cotton and designed for comfort, these aprons are now available in the online store of 92nd.supply.


Our specially designed ceramic aprons with a convenient split in the middle are now available in three beautiful colors. Made from durable canvas (12 oz) and denim (280gsm), these aprons are designed to last and provide you with ultimate comfort during your creative expressions.


We have deliberately chosen extra sturdy fabrics and wide leg coverage, ensuring durability and comfort. Please note that these aprons are made of natural materials, so they may shrink slightly (3-5%) when washed. The colors will only become more beautiful with use and washing.

How to Clean an Apron with Clay?

Warning: Never put a clay apron in the washing machine, as this can damage it. Before washing, the apron must be rid of clay. The easiest way is to let the clay dry completely. Then, fill a bucket with water and wash the apron in it. Empty the bucket in the garden, or wait until the clay has settled at the bottom, pour off the water, and make sure the clay doesn't end up in the sink, not even diluted with water. Doing so risks long-term clogs. Your apron can now go in the washing machine.

If you offer ceramic courses and are considering offering these aprons to your students, or if you have a store and are interested in our products, feel free to send us an email at vdlaan@92nd.nl, including your Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary information about sales opportunities.