Frequently Asked Questions


The toiletry bags are easy to clean. Use a mild detergent and then rinse with lukewarm/cold water. Hang to dry.


  1. Do not wring product
  2. Do not dry clean
  3. Do not iron product
  4. Do not use bleach
  5. Do not put the product in the washing machine in


2. What is the warranty on a toiletry bag?

All items come with a 1 year warranty. During this warranty period, the item will be replaced or repaired free of charge if it is broken, unless the defect was caused by your own actions. Then the repair is for your own account.

We will only repair your item after you have given permission, so that you do not have unexpected costs. Before the repair is carried out, you will first receive an estimate of the costs.

Do you have a question about warranty or do you want to register a warranty, please send an email to


3. What are the conditions for returning a product?

Within the return period, you may reasonably try out your ordered item to find out whether it works properly. Just like when you look at a suitcase or a bag in a store, to see if you like it and whether it meets your requirements.

The product must not be used. Used goods are not taken back. 

When unpacking the product, the tissue paper with sticker will break, this is not a problem. We would like to receive the products back including the packaging.

All products are made by hand and are thoroughly checked after production and during packaging. If, despite this check, something is not right, we will exchange the product.

4. How can I return a product and are there any costs involved?

At you have a withdrawal period of 14 days. This period starts on the day you receive the item. Once you have registered your return, you have 10 days to return the package. Also look at the conditions to be able to return a product. 

You can request a return via this link: 

Here you report the product return and you can download a shipping label. The costs that will be charged are € 4.95. These will be deducted from the refund amount to be received.

5. How long does it take for my money to appear in my account?

Pay back returns

Processing a return takes a maximum of 5 working days. The refund of a return differs per payment method and is also a maximum of 5 working days. In some cases it may take a little longer.

Failed orders

Do you receive a message that the order or payment has failed, but money has been debited? Then we will pay you back. How quickly you receive the money depends on the reason and on your payment method: 

  1.  Technical failure iDEAL within 5 working days
  2.  Credit card: the reservation will be canceled within 2 working days



6. Can I also sell your products as a reseller?

Yes that is possible. If you have a physical store and you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. It is possible to order a sample box with 4 colours. 

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Send an email with telephone number to and we will contact you.


7. How do you handle my information?

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